Training Courses – $300 each (For Members $200)
a) Bull Training
b) Cuckold Training
c) Wife Training
d) Couples Training

Each Course is a hybrid (online and in-person learning). All courses have two levels, an introductory course, and an advanced level. It is recommended that all members seeking to take courses should take the introductory course as a pre-requisite. There is a placement exam to place-out of the introductory course for very experienced members.

The courses are designed specifically for each track, there will be two (2) online classes and one (1) in person class.

Individual Diagnostic – $250 (Free for Members)
The Individual Diagnostic was developed in the Bulls Academy lab only for use with members of the Bulls Academy. The most innovative and unique approach to overall life health and sexual needs can help any member live a fulfilling life.

Individual Sex Program – $500 (Free for Members)
The Individual Sex Program maps out how to lead the best, most fulfilling sex life based on individual factors, such as; lifestyle, work schedule, dating life, marital status, and overall physical health.